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Our business is providing Security Soltutions Consulting and Implementation Services for small and medium size businesses. Our mission is to build secure architecture from available vendor offerings that meet or exceed the client criteria is aimed at providing your company with a secure operating system and network environment backed up and secured in the AWS Cloud services.



 Our model is based upon proven Industry Solutions and Mandated Compliance Standards such the NIST Framework and integration to meet the needs of PIPEDA, HIPA, PCI DSS, SAS 70, FISMA, FIPS-140 140-2 series.Sarbanes Oxley and GLBA, Our compliant solutions incorporate Vendors and supply chains into your business, our Secure Software and Hardware implementations rely upon accepted standards and solutions. Our primary focus upon first contact will be consulting to determine your needs.

Compliance can save your business from Information Breach liability, Reputation Losses, Lost Revenue, Lost Time, and possibly the ability to do business without fear of risk. Fear of Risk is something every business should avoid, it is inevitable that your business faces Risk, but it is how you handle that Risk that differentiates a Compliant business from a non-compliant business. What technology does your business rely upon? Who does your business rely upon? What information must you protect and how? These and many other questions we will help you resolve.

 Working  For You, we are an independent third party.

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eCyber Crime, Information and Identifty theft are preventable, but first you must realize that there are reliable strategies and tools to allow your business to adapt and overvome.



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